Important Author Information regarding postponement

Dear Authors,

By now you’ve received notification of ITC2020 being postponed till 2021. With that I know that you’re wondering how that affects the 19 June 2020 deadline for final papers. First let me assure you that all the submitted papers will be included in the Proceedings for ITC2021, and all the authors are invited to present their paper at ITC2021 when it is held next year in Las Vegas, October 25th-28th.

Therefore the 19 June deadline for final papers will still be enforced. However, it will now be 19 June 2021 instead of 19 June 2020. I will be encouraging the community for further paper submissions, so feel free to write additional papers as well.

This brings to light a few special cases, namely Student papers. Recognizing that these papers are often the results of a particular school year project and that several of the Student authors would be in their Senior year for the 2020/2021 school year, presenting at the postponed ITC2020 would not be a viable option. In this case, I would strongly recommend proceeding with submitting your paper by the 19 June 2020 deadline. The ITC committee will be exploring various options for possible video presentations, and with your paper submitted and approved you will be eligible for this type of presentation this year.

Thank you for your patience during these unusual times. Looking forward to seeing all of you at ITC2021. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of help to you.


Tomas C. Chavez
ITC Technical Chairman