Message to Authors

Deadlines for the 2021 International Telemetering Conference are now posted with Abstracts being due on April 30, 2021 and papers due on July 9, 2021. We are fully intending to hold the conference in-person this year in Las Vegas at Ballys Oct. 25-28, 2021!

We encourage you to submit your papers through the submission portal accessed on this page. Furthermore, if you submitted a paper to ITC 2020 and your paper title, author list, and abstract have not changed from your ITC submission last year, I would be happy to transferred the submission directly to THIS year’s ITC conference. Just please let me know by the April 30 abstract submission deadline if you would like me to do this for you.

The ITC planning committee understands that many of you may be wary of committing to physically attending the conference in October: at this time, many of us on the committee are not allowed to travel for our work. While we expect this to change nationwide by late October, there are obviously no guarantees where Covid-19 is concerned!

That said, please do NOT let this uncertainly keep you from submitting your paper! While our goal is to have fantastic attendance at the ITC technical sessions, we have put provisions in place for authors who will not be able to attend the conference in person. Specifically, such authors will be able/required to pre-record a presentation of their paper and those presentations will be played back at the scheduled times during the technical sessions. We also plan to support a means whereby live technical session attendees will be able to ask authors questions in real-time via a chat feature on the platform being used. In short, please do not let the uncertainly about whether or not you will be able to attend ITC 2021 dissuade you from submitting your papers. I hope to see you all at ITC 2021 in Las Vegas!

Chuck Creusere
ITC Technical Chairman

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