INET Telemetric Networks

Monday October 26th

Thomas Grace, NAVAIR Patuxent River & Ben Abbott ,PhD, SwRI

Course Description
This course introduces participants to telemetric networks as applicable to the integrated Network Enhanced Telemetry (iNET) project.  Participants will gain an understanding of telemetric networking principles, applicable networking technologies, trade-offs in applying networks to telemetry, and end-to-end telemetric applications.  Specifically, the RCC Telemetry Network Standard (TmNS) based demonstration system will be presented illustrating the test article network, radio access network, range operations network, mission control network, system management operations, and telemetric applications.  The presentation will include current performance and capabilities of developmentally flight tested capabilities.  This course is intended for anyone who needs an introduction to TmNS technologies and system capabilities.  It will be useful for participants to have a basic knowledge of networking concepts.  This short course is particularly beneficial for persons responsible for or involved in flight test instrumentation and telemetry systems.

About Ben
Dr. Abbott has extensive experience in embedded hardware and software, control systems, communications and networking, and model-based design. He was the 2017 technical chair for the International Telemetry Conference. He holds eight patents cross the fields of real-time networking, relative-positioning sensor technology, secure computer architectures, and time protection. Dr. Abbott has been at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) for 18 years, and has achieved the position of Institute Engineer, the highest technical level position at SwRI. In that capacity, he provides expert consultation services for the Institute’s programs and tackles highly specialized problems on behalf of our clients. He also works with senior Institute and Division staff to plan future technology needs and to lead the development of new programs in his areas of expertise, and serves as a member of SwRI’s Advisory Committee for Research.

About Thomas
Mr. Grace is from the Naval Air Warfare Center at Patuxent River Maryland. He has been working in Aircraft Instrumentation for over 25 years and is currently working on the integrated Network Enhanced Telemetry (iNET) program where he is the Program Engineer responsible for the technical portion of the program. Mr. Grace holds a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Systems Engineering.