IRIG 106-17 Chapter 7 Packet Telemetry Downlink Basis And Implementation Fundamentals

Monday, October 23rd

Johnny Pappas, Safran Data Systems, Inc.

Course Description
This course will focus on presenting information to establish a basic understanding of the 2017 release of the IRIG 106, Chapter 7, Packet Telemetry Downlink Standard.   It will also focus on the implementation of airborne and ground system hardware and methods to handle IRIG 106, Chapter 7, Packet Telemetry data.  The presentation will address the implementation of special features necessary to support legacy RF Transmission, data recording, RF Receiving, Ground Reproduction, and Chapter 10 data processing methods.

About Johnny
Mr. Pappas graduated Louisiana State University with an electrical engineering degree.  He served 12 years as a Civil Servant working for the Department of the Air Force.  His role included serving as Director of the Engineering Development Division at the Computer Science Center at Eglin AFB.  While serving the government he participated in the Range Commanders Council(RCC) Telemetry Group,  Recorder and Reproducer Committee.  Johnny established and chaired a working group that developed the first Digital Data Recording Standard which was published as IRIG 107.  Johnny proceeded to become a Vice President for SBS Technologies Corporation focusing on MIL-STD-1553, telemetry, and embedded computing system hardware.  Johnny then took over as General Manager of Heim Data Systems which is now a division of the SAFRAN Aerospace Company.   His current role is Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Zodiac Data Systems.   Johnny is still actively supporting the RCC TG Group and was instrumental forming an RF Vendors Working Group, which is a consortium addressing multiple aspects related to Radio Frequency Telemetry Data Transmission.