Telemetry For High-Latency, Error-Prone Networks

Thursday, October 28th

Robert Ritter, IMI/RT Logic

Course Description
Global telemetry networks present many challenges with high-latency and error-prone transport conditions.  This tutorial will present detailed information on packet-based telemetry implementations that are designed to operate reliably in such conditions, with emphasis on RF systems, Forward Error Correction, delivery assurance, efficient packet structures in asymmetric links, Internet Protocol considerations, security, interoperability and more.  Applications will be presented for ground, sea, air and space telemetry systems.  This course provides a protocol stack depiction of Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) standards that are shared in the range and space communities.  Students should have a general technical competency and understanding of communications theory, protocols and systems.

About Robert
Mr. Ritter is the Chief Engineer and a partner in the manufacturer’s representation firm, IMI, and was formerly the Director of Communication Systems Engineering for RT Logic.  He has 30 years of experience in designing ground system architectures for various mission vehicles, and data communication networks.  Robert has been involved in many programs integrating both domestic and international data networks, and he has worked closely with DoD, Space, Range and other agency personnel to find practical means for standards adaptation and co-utilization of assets.  He has designed boards for communications and signal processing, has written signal processing and simulation software, and has taught numerous courses in the past.  Mr. Ritter has a BSEE from the University of Virginia, an MSEE from Virginia Tech, and an MBA from George Mason University.  He is also an opera singer and performer in the Mid-Atlantic region, with over 20 years of professional appearances.