Pioneer Awards

The IFT Pioneer Award

Pioneer Award Winners are at the forefront of the telemetry field. They have demonstrated continual leadership and innovation in moving our highly technical field forward at high speed. Recipients have advanced the state of telemetry and its constituent areas ahead of all others. The International Foundation for Telemetering takes great pride in our technical and organizational leaders and with great respect and awe thanks these Pioneer Award Winners.

IFT Pioneer Award Winners:

1984 Dr. William Pickering (1st Award Recipient)
1985 Dr. Larry Rauch1986 Dr. Myron Nichols
1987 Dr. Eberhardt Rechtin
1988 No Award
1989 Dr. James Fletcher
1990 Dr. Bernard Oliver, Dr. John R. Pierce, Dr. Claude Shannon
1991 No Award
1992 Mr. Hugh Pruss
1993 Mr. Eugene Law
1994 No Award
1995 Mr. Stan Reynolds
1996 Mr. Harold Jeske
1997 Mr. Bill Rymer
1998 Mr. Benson Weinberg
1999 Mr. Walter Lipe2000 Mr. Norman Lantz
2001 No Award
2002 Mr. Jud Strock
2003 Mr. Melvin Levine
2004 No Award
2005 Arthur Sullivan
2006 Dr. Jim Means
2007 No Award
2008 No Award
2009 Dr. Gerhard Mayer
2010 Mr. Chuck Buchheit
2011 Lee H. Eccles
2012 No Award
2013 No Award
2014 Vic Hammond (AWARD)
2015 Mr. Bob Jefferis
2016 No Award
2017 Dr. Steven Horan
2018 Terry Hill
2019 Michael Rice