CUI Proceedings

CUI papers/slides are now accepted at ITC. A secure repository  has been created and attendees will now be able to access those papers/slides.)

In order to gain access to the CUI proceedings on the ITC Wiki page you must have a TRMC account. If you do not have a TRMC account you will need to request one at,

Users can login with a CAC or password authentication. Once a member is set up with CAC access it needs to remain that way, it is not interchangeable.

  • Info you will need to sign up for a TRMC account is first name, last name, username, business email, phone number, business mailing address, Company name and the government project supported and supervisor contact info.
  • You will need to provide a reason for the request and that can be as simple as access to the ITC WIKI to obtain CUI proceedings.
  • Then choose how you want to sign in, via CAC or password. See warning above about the CAC.

If you do not have a  CAC, you will need to obtain a CAC exception. This requires a government sponsor (military civilian) that can assert that you:

  1. Are a US Citizen and/or has an active DoD Security Clearance
  2. Have a need-to-know in order to access the TRMC website content (Reason can be to access the ITC CUI Proceedings)
  3. Do not currently have a DoD CAC.


CUI Proceedings Site