ITC Awards

All papers submitted as regular papers (by the deadline) are considered for the following awards:

Clifford Aggen Student Paper Awards

To encourage graduate and undergraduate student participation and to feature excellent works by young scholars, ITC is pleased to award monetary prizes for the best Graduate and Undergraduate student papers. Student papers can be based upon a Thesis, Capstone project, or other Major Project or Investigation. Papers written and submitted by teams are also encouraged. Papers are considered for awards based on:

  1. Presentation of techniques, processes, software, modified applications, etc., to solve known problems today or in the immediate future.
  2. Conformance with published preparation guidelines.
  3. Demonstration of a completed project or significant progress toward completion of a project.
  4. Creative and innovative approaches to solving known problems.
  5. Explanation and clarification of telemetry and communications processes.
  6. Should be connected to Telemetry Sciences

In each category, winners receive cash awards of $1,500 per paper for first place and $750 per paper for second place. Winners receive free hotel nights at the host hotel and a reimbursement of travel expenses from within the continental USA to ITC 2023 to present their paper. See Awards Reimbursement Policy for more information.

2023 Award Winners

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