Digital Signal Processing To Improve Telemetry Links

Thursday October 27th

Terry Hill, Quasonix, LLC

Course Description
This course provides both theory and practice in the use of DSP in Telemtry, including Diversity Combining, Best Source Selection, Data Quality Metric, Best Channel Selection (BCS), Adaptive Equalization and performance metrics, Space Time Coding (STC), and Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) Forward Error Correction (FEC). Includes field test data showing the results when all these technologies are employed concurrently.

About Terry

Terry Hill has been engaged in technical research and business development in the communications field for over 40 years.  Since 2002, Terry has been President and Chief Scientist of Quasonix, where he leads the design and manufacturing of transmitters, receivers, and auto-tracking antennas for the telemetry market.