Basics Of Aircraft Instrumentation

Monday October 26th

Ken Miller, Electronics Engineer, NAWCAD Patuxent River

Course Description
This course will describe the data acquisition system design criteria used to meet the customer’s data requirements. An example accelerometer measurement is used to illustrate the design process from the sensor to the engineering unit display. The presentation will cover pre-sample filtering, sampling, digital encoding, and the trade-offs to consider when designing an airborne data acquisition system. Recording of data sources and RF telemetry are presented along with measurement uncertainty. Standards and best practices are highlighted throughout.

About Ken
Ken Miller is an electronics engineer at the Naval Air Warfare Center / Aircraft Division, Patuxent River, MD.  He has over 33 years’ experience in the field of aircraft instrumentation, and has gained his knowledge working on the A-6E, EA-6B, AV-8B, and F-18 platforms.  Ken is a NAVAIR Associate Fellow, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics from The Pennsylvania State University, and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.