Intro to Machine Learning and Data Analytics Applications using Python Programming

Thursday, October 27th

William (Bill) Schneider, Dell EMC

Course Description
Machine learning has become an indispensable tool for processing the large and complex data structures being collected by modern sensor and data acquisition systems at every Test Range. This course will cover the fundamentals of data manipulation, visualization, and machine learning with open source tool python in the context of typical time series data acquisition applications. Public data sets will be used for illustration and demonstration activity. Basic knowledge of programming in any language is assumed, but not necessarily advanced knowledge of python.

About Bill
Mr. Schneider is a data scientist with Dell EMC’s professional services. He has a degree in physics from Miami University and a Ph.D. in computational physics from The Ohio State University. He has worked with various fields in data science including statistical and numerical modeling in the banking, health care and electrical utility industries. He has been working with Dell EMC’s federal group for past couple years training and supporting engineers and analysts at various Air Force and Navy test ranges.