Thursday, October 26th
Robert Ritter, IMI Technology

Course Description
The Introduction to Satellite Communications short course provides an overview of the theories and international standards for various means of space communications.  It includes descriptions of practical applications for high-latency and error-prone links, describes the RF link characteristics, modulation schemes, various forms of error detection, correction and compression, practical mechanisms for data networking in space, considerations for IP, concerns over security, new applications of short and medium distance links, and interoperability interests between civil and defense systems.  Questions related to new standards proposed for user interfaces are also explored.  Optical communications and the new proposed Unified Space Link Protocols will also be introduced as the path forward for the international standards body, CCSDS (the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems).

About Robert
Mr. Robert Ritter is a ground systems architect for US Navy space programs, the Chief Engineer at Integral Marketing, and formerly a Director of Communication Systems Engineering for Kratos (RT Logic).  He has over 30 years of experience in designing ground system architectures for satellite missions, and data communication networks.  Robert has been involved in many worldwide programs implementing CCSDS Standards, and he has worked closely with DoD, NASA, ESA and other agency personnel to find practical means for standards adaptation and co-utilization of assets.  He has designed boards for communications and signal processing, has written signal processing and simulation software, and has taught numerous courses in the past, including many CCSDS courses around the world.  Mr. Ritter has a BSEE from the University of Virginia, an MSEE from Virginia Tech, and an MBA from George Mason University.