Phased Array Systems for TM Applications

Thursday, October 29th

Michael Pace, Applied Technology Associates

Course Description
The student will be exposed to modern phased array design concepts and trades as they relate to telemetry systems. With a focus on new system designs, the course will cover analog beamforming, digital beamforming, and adaptive beamforming techniques along with the associated pros and cons for each technique. Common interfaces to existing range infrastructure will be discussed to further enhance market entry of the technology across test and evaluation (T&E) ranges. While the technology is applicable to space-based deployment environments; this course will focus on ground, surface, and airborne platform applications. The course is intended to spark excitement and intrigue for entry-level to mid-level engineering students and professionals. At the conclusion of the course, the student will be equipped with an understanding of this technology and how it can be applied to meet future telemetry requirements.

About Michael
Mr. Pace is a Principal RF Systems Engineer at Applied Technology Associates in Albuquerque, NM. He primarily focuses on developing new technology in the areas of digitally beamformed phased arrays, electronic attack systems, and complex RF systems. Previously, Mr. Pace served as the Portfolio Chief Engineer for Raytheon Mobile Range®. In this role, he was responsible for the guidance, mentorship, and direct oversight of the division’s engineering team, consisting of over 80 professionals in every classic engineering discipline. With over 8 patents, Mr. Pace enjoys developing new technologies to solve complex problems. Mr. Pace has a Masters in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Applied Electromagnetics from the University of New Mexico and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in History from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.