Thursday, October 26th

Steve Pruitt, Diversified Technical Systems, Inc.

Course Description
This course provides an overview of the fundamentals of collecting data in flight test, from the physics of what is being measured through analog to digital conversion.  Topics include: sensor theory, common sensors and limitations, shunt and empirical checks, data acquisition system features and functions, anti-alias filtering, sampling error, analog considerations of channel to channel time synchronization, grounding and shielding, and specifying a complete system.  Compared to others, this course is more “analog” in nature, focusing on the physical measurement before data is formatted and streamed.

About Steve
Stephen Pruitt is one of the three founders and owners of Diversified Technical Systems, Inc (DTS), since 1990.  Although a mechanical engineer by schooling, Mr. Pruitt has spent much of his career as a test engineer and then as a product designer of test and measurement equipment.  His roles have included mechanical enclosure, software, and electronics systems design.  Mr. Pruitt is currently the CEO and head of Business Development for DTS.  He works with customers to define new products and has a deep knowledge of sensors, data acquisition, application requirements, and data processing.