Video And Video Compression

Monday October 25th

Gary Thom, Delta Information Systems, Inc.

Course Description
With the growing complexity of flight test programs and the improved efficiency of compression algorithms, video is an ever increasing component of flight test data collection. This course will provide a basic understanding of video interfaces, signals, formats, resolutions and frame rates. Building on those basics the course will then present a high level description of how video compression works and the trade-offs that can be made when selecting and implementing video compression components. An overview of various video compression algorithms will be provided, highlighting the differences between the algorithms. We will examine the effects of video compression on video quality and investigate some of the causes and corrections for quality problems. Finally, there will be a brief overview of audio compression.

About Gary
Mr. Thom is currently president of Delta Information Systems, Inc, with responsibility for the overall operation of the corporation, which consists of three business units: Delta Digital Video which produces video compression and scan conversion products for commercial, flight test and intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) applications; GDP Space Systems / Acroamatics which produces aerospace telemetry products for flight test and launch support applications; and Ampex Data Systems Corporation which produces rugged airborne processing, recording and cyber defense systems.

Mr. Thom has been an active participant in various international standards bodies including the ITU-T, ISO and ANSI as well as US DoD standards bodies such as the Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) and various Interoperability Working Groups.  He has taught professional development courses through the University of Wisconsin on understanding and implementing voice, video and data over IP solutions. He has been published in the IEEE Journal on Selected Area in Communications related to this work.